Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland brings a sharp eye to the development of the work while managing client relationships and the process of running a business. She brings years of account management experience to her role helping clients achieve their goals and expectations.

You can reach Mary @ 847-651-4518 or

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“I love to paint and I hope it shows. I’ve created art in one form or another over the course of my whole life. It’s never been a choice, really; just as laughing or tapping your foot to a beat happens without a prompt. Growing up, I wasn’t encouraged to be an artist but more importantly, I was never discouraged. I truly believe that was the key. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing this body of work as much as I have had in creating it.”


 Michael Ireland

 Michael Ireland has participated in the creative process for over forty years beginning with his studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Under the direction of master instructor Irving Shapiro, he began to explore the effects of light and color through transparent watercolor. He soon developed a passion for the medium that continued throughout his life and career. Today Michael is a nationally recognized painter as well as an accomplished creative director and graphic designer. Michael’s painting style and technique challenges the scale and format associated with traditional transparent watercolor resulting in some of his recent works measuring up to over twenty feet in length. This process and approach has led to his artwork being placed in public and private collections throughout the country.

You can reach Michael @ 847.212.0855 or

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